Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm afraid that I'm a very bad blogger

I just don't make the time to keep up with my blog. I have been busy though. I did some finishing work for my grandmother this last weekend. She had three pieces that needed finished. My grandmother is 94 and I showed her how to do counted cross stitch only 2 years ago. She loves doing it!

I also have two exchanges that I completed. As much as I love exchanges I really need to spend some time on my wip's.

Here is the piece that I send to Jill for the HoE Red exchange. If you look closely you will see the actual needle she is sewing with and the thread attached to it. This was fun to do.

This piece was sent to Jenna for the BlackBird Exchange. I filled one of these pincushions with tapioca and one with lentils. I hope they never get wet!

I'm going to start work on a hummingbird pattern for my other grandmother who will be celebrating her 95th birthday next month. Plus, my daughter is having a birthday and I have something fun in mind for her. Think shoes. lots and lots of shoes!