Thursday, September 3, 2009

I got official word that my exchange piece arrived overseas

I can finally post a picture!

It is a The Prairie Schooler design. It is a small pouch and I put some dried Oregon lavender in it from my garden. It turned out really cute. I attached by ribbon a stitched tag.
Right now I'm working on Amazing Grace by My Big Toe. I'm doing it on 32 count over 1 which is taking more time then usual because my linen is a bit more uneven then I originally thought. It is going to be beautiful when done. I'm waiting for a few patterns to arrive at Acorns and Threads (our local store) then I'll be starting some other ones.

Today, I have some apples to turn into apple sauce, zucchini and carrots into muffin batter (which I'm freezing for later use), grapes for juice and cabbage from my garden that I'm making into bleu cheese coleslaw which is the best coleslaw ever. I'll have to get out a roast to make bbq sandwiches to put with the coleslaw. yum.

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omashee aka Barb said...

Sheril, what a beautiful bag & design. How thoughtful to send OR lavender too.
Wish I lived on that side of the mtns so I could get local lavender & visit A&T more often (aren't the great?). I'll be over the 19th & 20th, watch out!!!