Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well, we lost our electricty during my post!

That is what I get for waiting a whole month to write anything. I'm blog challenged so I can't even figure out how to add on to my post so I'm starting another one. Wow, two in one month!

I'm working on Amazing Grace from My Big Toe. I love the design but, boy, is it small and detailed. I think I'm going to give it to my maternal grandmother's church for their annual silent auction. This church was started by my great, great grandmother's father and other family members when they came to Oregon. The church is relatively small, in the country and is still largely attended by family members. My parents were even married there. My grandmother turned 95 this month!
My paternal grandmother will also be turning 95 this year. She has been cross stitching for the last few years. Can you imagine BEGINNING to do counted cross stitch at 92?

I don't have alot to show because my camera is still missing in action. I did receive two exchanges in the last couple of months. I received this lovely heart shaped pinkeep and goodies from Kathy.

This Christmas ornament arrived in December and I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't keep the ladies name who sent it to me. I try to keep everyone's name but somehow this one slipped by me. She backed it with a gingerbread fabric. Very cute!

I am starting a design that I'm doing for an exchange group called Stitching Exchange (I would post a link but once again the Blog Challenged portion of my life rears its ugly head :) )
The requirement is something to do with a garden and it needs to be useful, ie pincushion, needle holder, scissor keep, etc. I have a couple of clever items that I'm working out on paper. I hope they pan out because I think Cross stitch and Clever go really well together!

I'm afraid that I am going to be have to give up my computer time for Pajama Sam - Thunder and Lightening aren't so Frightening. My five yo boy has been waiting patiently to help save the day. We conquered Pajama Sam - No Need to Hide When its Dark Outside and will be working on Pajama Sam - You Are What You Eat from Your Head to Your Feet next.

I hope everyone is having a very lovely Tuesday!


Diane said...

My kids grew up on Humongous games. My son loved "P'Samma Sam" and my daughter's favorite was Putt-Putt. I also had a fondness for Freddie Fish and the fox whose name escapes me at the moment. My baby is now 12, but I really had to restrain myself when I came across a Pajama Sam title that was new to me in a clearance bin at Best Buy the other night! :)

Sheril said...

We love Putt Putt too. Luckily our local library carries Pajama Sam!