Thursday, August 6, 2009

Berries and more berries plus kids

Every year my neighbor and I head out to the fields for u-pick berries. We freeze them (what we don't eat anyway) for the winter. So far I have some marionberries, raspberries and blueberries stored away. Soon it will be time for blackberries. I also pick apples and pears. I love the smell of apple sauce cooking in the winter!

As for cross stitching.....the packages I sent out for exchanges haven't arrived at their new homes yet so I can't post pictures but I was very pleased with both projects. I'm working on the LHN exchange which should be totally finished in a few weeks.

I can't believe summer is almost finished. I'm not ready!

Since I don't have any pictures of cross stitching right now I thought I would end this with some pictures of my kids. The first picture is my future daredevil. At 7 months he knows what he wants and doesn't mind going to get it. He definitely wanted to play x-box!

I am his surrogate gran'ma and babysit him during the day.

Then comes my newly turned 15 yo son and my soon to be 5 yo. They are best buddies. I have babysat this guy since he was 11 months old. Sadly, he is going to preschool this year and I don't have him full time anymore. It was sorta like losing one of my own. Last is my daughter (age 22) and my other little guy who is 4 months. The babies are first cousins and I have babysat them both this summer but this little guy is headed to a full time permanent sitter closer to home. It has been fun to do babies this summer but very tiring! My daughter loves to come home and play with them. She lives on her own and works as a nanny parttime and also for HeadStart parttime. My son really enjoys the babies too but isn't quite man enough to change a diaper. I'm working on him though.

As soon as the exchanges arrive at their new homes I will post some pictures. I'm thinking it will be soon.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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