Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Alone

This week it is just me and the dog (I try hard to ignore the cat). The dog is great company except for the fact that he was sprayed by a skunk AGAIN. I keep telling him that the cute black and white kitty that comes through the yard does not want to play! So, I'm living with the slight aroma of skunk.

Anyway.....I'm home alone. The husband is off on the east coast for business and the teenager is leading a squadron at Civil Air Patrol encampment. I don't even have baby duties this week. Now, wouldn't you think I'd be stitching my little fingers to the bone? Nope, instead I'm helping the daughter paint her new bedroom at her new apt. I did manage to freeze the peaches I picked the other day so I guess I have accomplished something. It is supposed to be close to 100 degrees tomorrow so I'm thinking that it would be a great day to stitch.

I have worked on a couple of things though. I finished the needle book and somewhere in the process lost the little pair of scissors I was going to attach above the writing.

I will have to find something else to put there. I made a scissor fob to go with it.

I have also worked on the I Wait For The Lord. I need to finish it so it can get framed in the next month. I think it is going to be very nice when it is done.

I finished stitching the LHN exchange piece but haven't done any finishing work on it. I'm still contemplating what to do with it. My exchange piece for TPS exchange is taking forever to arrive. It really turned out cute and I wish I could post a picture of it. I will as soon as I get a message from her that it arrived.

Blogs are interesting things. I'm still trying to figure out how the formatting works. Things just don't seem to end up in the place that I originally put them. Maybe I'm blog challenged!

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